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Our Mission

To better the lives of women by connecting them with great ideas, money savings, valuable opportunities.

Our Values

Start with the You

Sister On A Budget is passionate about creating new ways to exceed the imagination of all our customers. We are insatiable about bringing great ideas, and connecting consumers looking for great experiences and products at a great value, with vendors seeking to fulfill the needs of our audience.

Great Ideas Bring Great Experiences

We love solving problems and bringing you solutions. You could say we’re obsessive, but it makes us happy so we like to think it’s a healthy obsession. After all, our people are just like you so we’ve fostered a workplace that’s not only creative and fun, but also rewards achievement with increased ownership and challenges.

Not the Norm

We don’t settle for the same day in and day out mumbo jumbo way of doing things. We are constantly pushing limits to see how far we can go. With ongoing testing and improvements to our site design, mobile app, inventory, and shopping experience, we strive to build a platform and experience you will love.

Here to Stay

Life moves pretty fast these days, but quality and customer experience always stay steadfast. We never take short cuts and always go the extra mile. Our team is results oriented and driven by love of what Sister On A Budget stands for.